It was a lonely world being stuck in this dirty humans bloody phone camera. Occasionally he’ll get a glimpse of his doppelganger’s handiwork. You see, each time the dirty human takes a picture a clone of Nankum is unleashed upon the world. Nankum learned this quickly when the human took his first picture after capturing him in the blasted thing. He still wasn’t sure how the human managed to do such a thing; he must be some sort of Warlock who could capture demons, but that made no sense, as far as Nankum could tell the human had no idea he was there. And that knowledge was just fine for Nankum.

At first his other selves looked confused and unsure of what to do after they appeared on whatever object the camera was pointed at and this began to enrage Nankum. With nothing to destroy inside his tiny cell with one large circular window it made him even angrier. On one of his vicious, albeit useless, batterings around the cell another picture was taken. This time the human was at a car show and Nankum’s viciousness carried onto his other self. He stopped thrashing about the cell to watch that self begin to wreak havoc inside the engine of the car. Wires were pulled, screws were unscrewed and then he slipped inside the engine to do who knows what else.

At this point the human moved away and began snapping pictures at other cars. Nankum could see these selves sat bewildered where they appeared just like his bewilderment inside his cell. He wanted to see more of the raging Nankum out there, he wanted to see him badly and now that began to enrage Nankum that the stupid pathetic human wouldn’t go back. Snap, snap more Nankum… angry Nankums went out there. One appeared inside a food vendor trailer, he slipped out of Nankum’s view and a second later a human slipped on something and fell on his back. Snap! ‘More destruction’ Nankum thought. Another Nankum removed a hook holding a pan, the human sat up from falling in time to be smashed in the head by the falling pan. “More!” Nankum shouted to no one. Snap! This Nankum turned the heat up on the food. Before the human could completely recover the food started burning, watered boiled over, and smoke began pouring from the trailer. Snap! Snap! Snap! “More! More! MORE!” Nankum shouted. More Nankums began their work on the food trailer; one adding napkins, food carriers, and whatever else to make more fire, another opening cabinets causing the human to hit his head, the last disappeared behind the counter, at first Nankum didn’t know where he went. The human finally had enough and scrambled to the trailer door; he got out and toppled right down the stairs on his face. Nankum could see the last self had tied the human’s shoe laces together. ‘What a glorious time this will be.’ Nankum thought happily to himself. Snap! Snap! Snap! And a few happier Nankums sat up atop the now blazing food trailer.

Some of the cars began to leave the scene, but before long there was a thunderous backfire. The human spun his camera to a car Nankum recognized. Smoke was coming from the tailpipe as it turned onto the nearby road. It didn’t get far as one of the car’s tires rolled away and the car slammed to the ground. 

Being incarcerated to this digital camera was more liberation than imprisonment. From here the little demon discovered a clone of himself is unleashed upon the world for every picture taken.
Nova Sparks author of the DOME and soon to be trilogy asked people to come up with a two sentence scary story for her blog, twitter, facebook page, etc. I was inspired to write mine from a picture I took sitting at my desk at work. 
I was just working and minding my own business when I looked outside and there in the trees, across the parking lot, up the hill and down the other side there he was. So I quickly took a picture....that may have been a huge mistake...

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